The transplant area will not be covered.

Therefore, these regions should be avoided during the first week of exposure or trauma friction anywhere. During this time,  should stay away from crowded environments. Again, the first week caps, hat should not be used as accessories.

The first 2 days after transplantation, your face and forehead can swell. Therefore you should not lie down, the head should be higher then rest of body. The operated area must be avoided, touching the pillow or sheets. First 1 – 2 days tying shoes, etc. leaning forward should be avoided.

The first day should not be used alcoholic beverages.

Until 48 hours after the surgery, aspirin, Omega-3 and other blood-thinning medications should not be taken. If pain relievers, anti-edema drugs and antibiotics should be used in accordance with their prescriptions.

The first dressing and the first wash

The graft donor area will be covered. The first day after hair transplantation wounds can bleed in small doses. This is a completely normal situation. The day after the plantation patient must go to control and dressing.The first hair wash, must done by 24-48 hours.This depends on the preferences of our doctor, if the surgeon has decided to make the first wash of 48 hours the next day,the first control happens for the graft donor area and to cover it. If he decided to do the first wash 24 hours in both the first wash washing of the graft donor site and made the first dressing.

First wash will not happen with shampoo for that acreage is very fresh, instead it will be happen with an antiseptic foaming and instruction will be give how to do the wash. Subsequent washings were done every day by the patient himself.

From the next day on, it will be crust on the hair planted area. These crust are about 10 days, spontaneously falls with repeated washing. Should be expected to fall by itself and should not be scratched with nails. The graft area will recover about 4 – 5 days.

The hair will start to fall 7-10 days temporarily after transplantation. Shedding process may take up to 1 month. This is normal, that process is called ‘shock loss’. Even if all of these hair will grow again after the shedding process. But with use of Minoxidil or PRP application the process can be shortened.

All these process may take 9-12 months.

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