Breast implantation has become the most popular cosmetic surgery operation.

• A more better look.

• A better figure.

• Increase confidence and improve self esteem.

What are the main reasons breast transplant?

1. Increasing the size or give better shape of the breasts,

2. Reconstruction of the breast following mastectomy,

3. Replacement of existing implants,

4. Correction of a congenital deformity.

What is the Anatomy and Physiology of Breasts?

The breast contains fat tissue, that gives the breast its shape and feeling: the elasticity of the skin is giving the shape of the breast. Milk ducts, glandular tissue, blood vessels, nerves and lymph ducts are also present in the breast.

There are a many different type of breast implant options are available, if you are considering breast transplant. You need to discuss your explantation in detail with your surgeon to find the most suitable implant type for determination.

How safe is silicone in breast implants?

Silicone is a made by silicon, who is a natural chemical element. Silicones have been used in moisturising creams,lotions, lipsticks, medical medicines and many others everyday used products for over 50 years.

Your personal preferences and expectations must be discussed by you and your surgeon and determine your expectations of shape and size.

What kind size options do I have in breast augmentation?

Breast implant offers you opportunity to determine the shape of your breasts instead than just change your breast size. Generally, if you want larger your breast size, the surgeon must consider larger the breast implant. Normally to get most natural body look, your choose probably want your new breasts size to be in balance with your body. The width of your chest determines the space between the breasts. That also determines the outer curve of your breast look, are essential to give a balance between your breasts and hips.

What kind of shape options do I have?

Round shape is the most traditional shape for breast implantation. If it is enough breast tissue for sufficient coverage, the flattering, natural-looking results are possible. Normally, round breast implants provide to get a full, rounded shape on the upper part of the breast and increase flattering. It is important to remark in the course of time, as a result of gravity and the ageing of the skin, with time droop more than anatomical breast implants.

‘Teardrop’ or anatomical implants are a recent development, which are more popular and the reason is this method are designed to give a more natural look effect that compliance with the rest of your body. If you look at an anatomical implant from the front, it have a oval shape. It is recommended that you make your decision by a surgeon with the surgical techniques necessary for anatomical implants.

What happens before the Surgery?

When you get ready for a breast implantation, you should be well informed and have realistic expectations. Your surgeon will evaluate your current physical condition. Before you continue, your surgeon will tell you about the benefits and risks. If you decide to take this operation, you will be required to confirm conditions of all aspects of the surgery and agreement to proceed with the operation by signing a consent form. Photographs are usually taken preoperatively as a record and to help plan your surgery.

What happens during the Surgery?

On the same day of your surgery the surgeon will start with draw marks on your breast and chest skin to show where the particular incisions will be, reason for this is to mark the entry point for insertion of the implant.The surgery are performed under general anaesthesia. All anaesthetics carry a risk and you should discuss these risks with the anaesthetist.

The surgery usually take between one to two hours and breast implant surgeries requires an overnight hospital stay. Depending on surgeon’s technique, client may have a drainage tube, for a day to escape any blood or fluid that may collect in the wound and around the implant. This also allows the surgeon to monitor that procedure easily.

What happens after the Surgery?

As usual after the operation you will need someone to take you care of you and take you home, when you are checked out by the surgeon. Client should have a dressings around the breasts as well, as a surgical bra or elasticised bandage. Your breast will feel firm, it can be swollen and implant will be sitting high on your chest. As the swelling goes down, they will be on a more natural shape.

For a few days after the operation, you can feel a little tired and sore. Your breast can be swollen an sensitive for about a month when it get physical contact. It is normal to feel tightness of the breast area until your skin adjusts to new breast size. Women who had childbirth, may know the same feeling as tightness to the changes of their breast. The full results of your enhancement , will not be visible until your breast tissue and muscles adjust.

Post-operative care

Post operative care is very important. The surgeon always be available for follow-up consultations or to answer any thing who concerns you. Your surgeon has conducted the operation and is therefore best suited and qualified to provide post-operative care for you.

Usual for most patients post-operative care involves the use of a bra with extra support while your breast heals. If any unusual symptoms occur after surgery, like fever, swelling or redness in one of your breast, you should contact doctor whenever you want.

You can resume to your exercise gently within a couple of weeks and there after increase your exercise with a comfortable pace with your surgeon’s approval. We recommend, you should avoid a intense physical activity after your surgery for 6 weeks.

How long do breast implants last?

Breast implants are usually expected to last for 10 years or more. In different cases, in some cases it has been seen that they last for 20 years. Breast implants can be removed at any time patient wants, after 10 year or more, some clients replace older implants with new implants.

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