Which techniques are used in Hair transplantation Today?

Modern hair transplantation as FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) and FUE (follicular unit extraction) although these two methods are practiced from around the world, but in our country today is mainly FUE is performed.

What is FUT the technique?

Hair follicles are removed as lines, applying with special treatment makes it ready for planting. With FUT method permanent scars may occur in the process. The reason for the scar is the hair follicles is taken with the skin. At this point,  FUE method is preferred, that provides more significant advantages.

What is FUE Technique?

FUE method is not a surgery. Knives and stitch is not used. FUE technique is, the donor area is over and between two ears. From this area follicular units being picked with 0.7 and 0.8 mm diameter cylindrical and ends with the individual micro-extraction. The follicular unit extraction process is done by manually punch device or micro-motor.

A follicular unit may contain 1,2 or 3 live roots. For example, in 1500 follicular units (grafts) are transferred, the average of transferred rot are 3000, because of the follicle has 2 or 3 hair root. The transplanted graft is called each part. 1 grafts includes 1 follicular unit.

Between this two methods, it is not differences among this two collection methods. The obtained grafts, will be planted on capillary channels of the area with the thin hairs. During these procedures, the local anesthetic is performed.  About the expectations of the person who is taking the plantation, evaluating it will done by the hair transplant doctor, and need to decide how many grafts and held several sessions. If you need 2-3 treatments performed according to the expectations and of the needs, this session should include a break of at least 6 to 12 months. The healing process takes place quickly after hair transplantation with FUE method. You can continue your daily life in a short time.

The FUE hair transplant techniques; since each hair follicles get planted one by one, the process take more time than the FUT method. 3000-3500 grafts takes 8-10 hours to complete. To get a succeeded transplantation with quality, is hair density and number of graft is important.

What are the criteria to obtain a successful result in hair transplantation?

• The quality of the hair cells

• Donor areas frequency and thickness of the hair on the area.

• The area of the hair transplantation, the ability to feed the cells.

• The area of the hair transplantation.

• Surgery experience of the team and the doctor.

The primary advantages of the FUE technique are:

• No scar or stitches, able to have a short hair.

• Gives more natural look.

• Only the healthy and strong hair follicles are transplanted.

• Less pain, no missed days of work

• Initial healing takes only two to four days

• You can resume sporting activities after one week

• The cost of hair transplant is even less than FUT method

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