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Step 1: The hair roots at the back side of your head will be numbed with a local anesthetic to minimize the pain.

Step 2: You will be sitting in a face-down position, to harvest of the hair follicles for the transplantation, channels will be opened which will be used for implanting.  By using micro-motors with a diameter of 0.6-0.7mm, your follicles will be collected and put into a solution.

• Hair transplantation process takes around 3 or 4 hours.

Step 3:

• Hair follicles will be counted.

• During the follicle counting, patient will rest.

Step 4:

• Exact number of channels will be opened as collected number of hair follicles.

• This process takes around one and half hour.

Step 5:

• Your custom made channel needles will be used for the FUE operation. This is the most important process of the FUE hair transplantation, it will done by the doctor. With this step, it gives your hair the natural look.

• Your hair follicles will be planted into the opened channels.

• This process takes around 2 to 3 hours.

After Operation

The transplanted hair follicles recovers in seven days. During this seven days, please follow this advice below;

• Always wear a hat when you are going out.

• Continue taking your medicine as advised you.

• Try to stay a way from lifting heavy things, contact sports and sexual intercourse on this periode.

Although you can continue your daily routine after just two days, but you must avoid direct sunlight the first month after the operation.

Sometimes, you may notice a small amount of bleeding at the back of your head after the operation. This is not unusual.

1 – 10 days Post-Operation

The first three days after the surgery, patient can expect some mild swellings around the forehead. The patient also develops very small blood clots at the transplantation area, these usually start to flake off in five to seven days. Any serious redness after the surgery, will usually gone by day seven and the transplant area is slightly pinkish for the next few weeks.

The scabs are expected to fall out during 7 – 10 days.

10 – 30 days after Hair Transplantation.

Three weeks after the transplantation, you may begin to experience some shedding of the transplanted hairs. This is completely normal and it is expected as your hair has switched to a temporary dormant phase called the Telogen phase, which all hair follicles go through after a restoration procedure.

In this period, you must expect to temporarily lose 15% – 85% of your implanted hair.

1 – 3 months Post-Operation

After the hair losing process of the implanted, the process will slowed down. The hair follicles will rest under your scalp during the Telogen phase.

Over the next several weeks until a month, the patient will see some new hair sprout through the surface of the scalp. This new hair growth period varies from patient to patient, but the average for this process is three months. The new hair  will not grow evenly, but it will all grow in eventually. The new hair will be thin and fine, but will thicken over time.

During this time, the patient may also notice the formation of an acne-like condition in the transplant area. This is normal, that is only some of the new hairs trying to grow through the scalp. Sometimes these can become temporarily trapped under the skin as an ingrown hair, but the condition is temporary. This is a positive sign of new growth.

5 – 6 months after the Hair Transplantation.

By the fifth to sixth month after the procedure, the patient can expect to see considerable hair growth all over the transplant area. The new hair will be approximately two to three inches, and the hair shaft has begun to thicken by this time.

8 – 10 months after The Hair Transplantation.

Between eight to ten months, the patient will notice the most impressive difference since the hair transplantation. The hair will be longer and much thicker, the overall appearance will be better,before a few months ago.

12 – 14 months after The Hair Transplantation

A year has passed since the procedure took place, the patient can see the final result. However, improvements may still be seen well over a year after the transplantation. This is average time of the process.

The hair that is transplanted, will continue to grow for the rest of the patient’s life. It can be hair cut and styled in any way the patient wants. There is no special regimen required to take care of the new hair. Standard shampoos and other hair products are perfectly safe.

By consultation with a specialist doctor, you can learn about how many graft is necessary for the transplantation. İf it is not possible, you can do this by sending the doctor a detailed photographs to start the pre-inspection work. By this process you can learn about the reason for your hair loss and if it is suitable for the hair transplantation.

First you need to know which group your hair loss belongs to. You will find which group you have entered, according to Norwood classifications. Accordingly, it appears to you, how much grafts is needed. 2500-3000 up to the graft transplants can be completed in 1 day. The 4000-4500 grafts required 2 days.

Important information before and after hair transplant operation.

• Do not take Aspirin, B and E vitamins, the last 4 days before hair transplantation.

• Do not consume alcohol the last 4 days before hair transplantation.

• Get enough sleep the night before hair transplantation.

• Do not consume caffeinated drinks.

• Your hair should be clean.

• Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

• Bring extra clothes.

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