Infertility (infertility) What is this?

If a couple has not use contraceptives in a year and can not achieve pregnancy in practice, despite the presence of regular sexual intercourse.

What is the duration of the IVF treatment?

The first day of period for women is considered the first day, and transfer is performed within 20 days. 11 days after the transfer, the patients can learn about they are conceive or not. Estimated time is approximately one month.

The embryos to the womb (uterus), how is it to be placed?

Embryo transfer is a painless procedure. Doctor, using by ultrasound, the embryo is brought by the embryologist, will be released to a soft catheter into the uterine cavity. Must be full bladder during the operation.

What should I look for after embryo transfer?

Mothers should rest on the first day. In the following days, avoiding excessive exertion, can continue their normal daily activities. There should be no sexual intercourse until the pregnancy test results.

How many times tube baby treatment applied?

The patient’s age and ovarian reserve is good, there is a no certain limit. After two IVF treatments, before a new treatment starts, it must go down to the finest details of the causes of failure and infertility must be revised. After three or four treatments in studies is known to decrease the chance of success.

IVF treatment makes women enter into early menopause?

No. Some of the hundreds of eggs laid per month to use your ovary is made available by hormone treatment given.

Is IVF treatment causes cancer?

No. If the family has cancer cases that are caused by the hormone dependency must be careful. There is no scientific evidence that IVF treatment drugs start a cancer of non-existent.

Tube baby treatment have miscarriage risk?

Lower rates in the event of the implementation of the necessary medical support for the first three months have similar values with normal pregnancy.

I have a earlier HSG of my womb (Hysterosalpingography – HSG) is a new HSG necessary?

No, if you dont have been in operation it is not required, if the HSG film is not later then 3 years, it is not necessary.

Egg retrieval (OPI) is how long it takes?

How long the process is related to the number of open follicles in the ovaries. But it takes an average of 15-30 minutes. The preparation process and the rest time after the process, we suggest you to set of 3 hours.

Egg collection is a painful procedure?

OPU (egg collection), although not a extremely painful procedure, but it will be done under anesthesia with sedation of mothers to ensure comfortable.

How will I feel myself after egg collection?

With the effect of anesthetic drugs may dormancy. Abdominal discomfort it may be. You can usually return to work the next day.

Tube baby treatment will each collected egg be fertilized?

The average fertility rate is realized as 65%. Some couples in a higher rate of fertilization takes place, it is not at all rare fertilization.

After the OPU which way can we collect the sperm?

Sperm from men with sperm in the semen is obtained by masturbation. In men with no sperm in the semen,the testicle must be operated to find sperm. The azoospermia group which is called have average 50% chance to find sperm of this type of patients.

When does the embryos be frozen?

Until the sixth day after fertilization of the day deems appropriate to be frozen IVF team to do any day.

Transfer and what happens to the embryos that are not used?

Any unused embryos can be stored, provided prior written permission of double freeze until five years.

Did all that embryos get frozen remaining after embryo transfer?

All embryos are always display in the desired improvements. The growth and appearance of all embryos should be as expected before freezing. If you have frozen embryos must be notified prior to the day of embryo transfer during the transfer process.

Driving, walking, when do I start with normal activities such as going to work?

Two days after the transfer, you can return to your normal activities. We recommend that you talk to your doctor about you have very stressful and tiring work.

After Embryo transfer from (ET), when can we have sex?

You must not have sexual relations until after the results of the pregnancy test.

How is the embryo transfer restriction tube baby?

In the first two trials of transfer for womens under 35 years, the number of transferred embryo is one, and for the patients who are older then 35 years women and/or had two experimental trials are allowed to transfer two embryos.

When I take a bath after the transfer?

You get a warm shower the day after the transfer. You are advised to avoid hot baths.

In which cases can treatments be canceled accepted fails?

Response of the ovaries may be insufficient and the treatment can be canceled before egg collection.

Although developed follicles in the ovaries may emerge from eggs. Which in this case has two basic reason. It is not eggs in follicles (empty follicle syndrome). This occurs in less than 1% of patients

An another case before the egg follicles crack as in a timeless collection. This occurs in 2-5% of the patients, due to the stimulation protocol applied

The eggs may not be fertilized. This is extremely rare in the microinjection history. But can occur in 2-5% of patients, depending on the abnormal egg fertilization. (Fertilization failure)

The fertilized egg can not be splitted in embryology laboratory. This condition is extremely rare and usually depends on the eggs disorder.

Azoospermic men may not have sperm. In such a case the treatment will be canceled before egg collection.

PGD (Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis) may not be found a normal embryo. In such a case, the embryo transfer is performed.

After an unsuccessful treatment attempt, how much break from new attempt?

For the second trial, it is sufficient to take a break for 1 month. It is not dependent how long break you take for the success of treatment. If the couple is ready it is not necessary for long break to repeat. The chance of pregnancy after the first three attempts is same, after that the ratio decreases.

Is there an age limit on IVF Treatment?

Patients treatment can be planned as long as it is egg cell in the ovary, but not recommended for over person who is older than 45 years as a medical treatment.

Can treatment may be an ectopic pregnancy in IVF?

It might be. However, the risk is not more than the normal pregnancy.

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