The primary goal of the health tourism is improving the health quality, protect or remedy a health problem covers all types of travel activities carried out for the purpose.

One of the favorite destinations in health tourism is Turkey in many years. The cost advantages and the opportunity to visit, as well as providing quality technological infrastructure, Turkey is among the prefered country of international patients.

The number of arrived patients to Turkey for health tourism in 2013, according to recent data has already exceeded 300,000. However, the number of hair transplantation, except as required surgery, plastic surgery, health centers from people who added their own initiative when the figure rises to 480,000.

The number of patients coming to Turkey increased by 4 times to 6 years: According to Ministry of Health information.

The number of clinical treatment in public and private hospitals for treatment from abroad in 2008 was a total of 74 thousand 93 people. During the past 6 years, this figure was a record-breaking climb to 300 thousand. In other words, the number of patients from 6 years 4 doubled. In addition to this figure, leisure come to private hospitals or health centers optional as hair transplantation, aesthetic interventions such as surgery who are not included.


What are the benefits of Medical Tourism in Turkey?

  • Turkey are 2. in the world with the number of members of the International JCI accredited healthcare provider organizations.
  • The price is the advantage, it offers 50-60% lower price compared to other countries.
  • The high quality of the infrastructure and equipment of the hospital.
  • The level of experience of the doctors and providers, that is on the western countries standards.
  • Geographic location and charm of traditional tourism to the particular (natural and historical) and the long-term climatic conditions.
  •  Turkey has a high standard tourism facilities and well-trained staff who speak foreign languages is the advantage.

The reason for why Turkey is more economical on medical treatments?

We encounter this question all the time. There are several significant reasons, which have a directly effect on the budget. Reason for that is in many western countries the prices are extremely inflated.

  • Accommodation Costs: You may rent a 3 bedrooms in Istanbul for £500 a month. But the same in London, the price range is around £1800. In commercial properties, the price gap is huge. This is the one of the reasons for FUE hair transplant operations are cheaper in Turkey.
  • Labour Costs: The UK is one of the country who offers the best salaries in Europe for professionals. Comparing minimum wages, UK offers 3 times more amount per month than a professional doctor in Turkey (UK=£14440, Turkey=£4500).

This few main of the several reasons for why its cheaper then many other countries. But the best part is the quality of the service and treatment is best of the World.